There are times in your life where you are lucky enough to meet incredible people, people that will inspire you, boost you up and develop an insane connection with. This woman right here is that person for me. Tiffany is not only an amazing mumma but also our house Cake maker for our cake smash cakes.  […]

What to do if you don’t love having your photo taken Mums and Dads, you are NOT ALONE when it comes to camera fear. It really shouldn’t be that intimidating should it. Just you … standing in a room … wearing a nice outfit … no-one else around. Well, except for me, Emma. Your photographer. […]

Did you know that here in Australia, 1 in every 700 children are born with a cleft lip and/or palate?! We had the absolutely pleasure of capturing dear little Charlotte when she was just four weeks old. Prior to her commencing her journey with the Royal Children’s Hospital. Charlotte’s parent Katie and Luke, learned during […]

It has been girl crazy here at Aurora Joy Photography the past few weeks. But I am glad to announce the boys have arrived!! Master Jackson, came to the studio recently for his newborn photos all the way from the other side of the city (past St Kilda). He had a mix of natural tones, […]

Every year I wait for this!! Every year I find myself trawling through the different states and countries to see the popular baby names and if I had any in the studio. But what I love most about this data is the fact that it gives you the numbers! Yep the number of “Charlotte’s”, “Jack’s”, […]

The portrait hanging above the TV in your parent’s lounge room can evoke a whole lot of emotions. You’re probably about 12, all dolled up in your Sunday best. Your teenage brother brushed his hair for the first time that year and even dad’s smiling at the camera! It’s pretty cute … the whole family […]

Being a mother is a magical thing. Oh sure, it has its challenging moments without a doubt, but it really is an experience that brings an immeasurable amount of joy and meaning to your world. Unfortunately, motherhood can also be the leading cause of neglect. To yourself! Remember the days? Your 20’s maybe. When you […]

There seems to be hundreds of decisions to be made before your baby arrives. What type of cot do we need? Should we get the baby seat that converts to a booster as well? How many 0000 onesies should I buy? Those few months before bub is here is pretty fun … and most of […]

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