It’s your turn in front of the camera … and you’re going to do great.

What to do if you don’t love having your photo taken

Mums and Dads, you are NOT ALONE when it comes to camera fear. It really shouldn’t be that intimidating should it. Just you … standing in a room … wearing a nice outfit … no-one else around. Well, except for me, Emma. Your photographer. But I’m not scary at all so let’s just sort that bit out straight away.

Having your photo taken isn’t always easy, I get it. A newborn or maternity session might be one of the only times in your life that you’ve had professional portraits taken (except of course for the embarrassing ones hanging in your Mum’s hallway – but thankfully things have changed since then! At least this time you get to choose your own outfit!)

I just wanted to write a quick blog post to ease your fears. And reassure you that I’ve got your back! My job on the day of your session is to make everyone feel comfortable and produce some amazing images of your family. It’s what I do best so just follow my lead and all shall be fine.

First up, here’s a few tips …

Wear something comfortable. Nice … but something that helps you relax. And be authentic! Don’t turn up in your tux if you’re more of a nice pants and shirt kinda guy.

Don’t think too much … about how you are standing … or where your hands are etc. I’ll tell you where to put them if it’s not quite working. But trust me, the best photos are the ones where you breathe, relax your shoulders, cuddle in close to your family and just be yourself.

Think less about me and more about the people you turned up with. Your family! When you’re enjoying the moment and interacting with your people in a connected kind of way, I can see it in camera. You can’t fake that kind of stuff! Just look at them, give them eye contact in that knowing way that only you understand, share a private joke, laugh and breathe it all in. Think less, hug more.

Don’t stress if it’s not going to plan … and talk to me! If you’re confused, please ask. if you’re feeling uncomfortable or want to move or try something else, let me know, if you’re feeling tired or need a break, we can totally do that! We just go with the flow and run the session in a way that works for everyone. So please don’t hesitate to tell me how you feel!

If you’ve booked a session with me at Aurora Joy Photography, go you! It’s so great that you’re excited to have your portraits taken. I’ve been working as a professional photographer here in Romsey Victoria for a long time now. I know all of the lighting, angles and poses that will create some gorgeous photographs for you … the editing techniques of course (we all love Photoshop right!).

So don’t be worried. Get excited! It’s going to be great.

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