The top baby names for 2020 revealed!! Did your baby make the cut?

Every year I wait for this!!

Every year I find myself trawling through the different states and countries to see the popular baby names and if I had any in the studio.
But what I love most about this data is the fact that it gives you the numbers! Yep the number of “Charlotte’s”, “Jack’s”, “Anabel’s” and “George’s” born in the state that year!

What I love about sharing these lists with expecting parents, is that they give you a little extra help when trying to think of names for your soon to be child. Because let’s face it, naming children can be tricky.

The Teachers and Police officers out there know just how hard it is to hear a name and not put a particular student you’ve taught or a criminal you locked up last month face to it. When we were trying to come up with names for our two I struggled! Being a teacher in a previous like meant that I had a heap of names for girls and boys… the only thing was… those names were the students that I remembered… and it wasn’t for how great they were haha

So here they are, the top 10 boy and girl names in Victoria 2020 and how many there were!

BOYS                             GIRLS

#1 Oliver  546                #1 Charlotte 413

#2 Noah  491              #2 Amelia 402

#3 William 409             #3 Olivia 373

#4 Jack 408                   #4 Mia 356

#5 Charlie 342                 #5 Isla 351

#6 Thomas 339                 #6 Ava 335

#7 Leo  335                     #7 Matilda 289

#8 Henry  316                 #8 Chloe 275

#9 Levi 304                     #9 Grace 273

#10Archie  295               #10 Ella 265


For a full list of the top 100 visit this link

Popular baby names in Victoria – 2020 | Births Deaths and Marriages Victoria (

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