How to best avoid the great birth debate (run!)

There seems to be hundreds of decisions to be made before your baby arrives.

What type of cot do we need?

Should we get the baby seat that converts to a booster as well?

How many 0000 onesies should I buy?

Those few months before bub is here is pretty fun … and most of the answers to your questions can either be found on Google, by the chatty salesperson at the baby store or from your girlfriends who have done this mothering gig plenty of times before.

But when all of the shopping and name deciding is done, there are still a few major topics that take quite a bit of consideration and research before you will know exactly what to do.

You know, like the whole having-the-baby situation.

It’s the great birth debate.

Are you going to have a natural birth or a caesarean?

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There’s one thing I want to be perfectly clear about before we get started on this topic. And that is, there really is NO debate. If anyone tries to engage you in a “one is better than the other” conversation, you are totally within your rights to smile politely, turn and run in the other direction. Because no expectant mother deserves to be trapped in one of those one-way monologues.

How your baby arrives on this planet is a decision that is generally made through a combination of many things – medical advice, location, risks, doctor selection, family history, hospital availability and more.

And of course, arguably the most important of all is, your WISHES!

What do you want?

Most mothers have a feeling about the kind of birth they would like. Your thoughts might be guided by your intuition, spirituality, feelings about pain or medications or even as simple as how you want to experience the arrival of your new baby.

It doesn’t matter how or why you have those feelings, they are of course, completely valid. And should definitely be explored as a part of your decision-making process.

I talk to so many mothers every year here in the studio and have heard almost every variation of the birth experience that there is. No matter the mum, the dad, where they decided to give birth or how it all went, these are my interpretations of the comments that I hear the most …

– Mums and dads who followed the path that best spoke to them were the most satisfied with their birthing decision.

– Very few births every truly go 100% to plan. Having an open mind about options before and during birth is a practical and positive way to handle any changes that might occur outside of your control.

– It usually works well when parents and practitioners work together – both listening to the experience of each other and coming to a decision based on medical needs and wishes.

– It also works out much better when your mother-in-law or best friend’s sister’s aunt aren’t involved in the decision-making process. Just sayin’.

So what path should you pursue?

Well, of course, that’s up to you!

There are pros and cons to both natural and caesarean births of course and you can Google those if you need the details. They are pretty important so add that to your to-do list.

It makes no difference to your experience with us here at Aurora Joy Photography. We’ll take care of you and your new little bundle whatever way they entered the world!

Your mental health and happiness really is just as important as your physical health so make sure that you discuss all of the options with your medical team and say no to the negative Nancys in your life.

It’s a pretty incredible time and we can’t wait to hear your story.

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