Elegance and timeless -Tiffany

There are times in your life where you are lucky enough to meet incredible people, people that will inspire you, boost you up and develop an insane connection with. This woman right here is that person for me. 
Tiffany is not only an amazing mumma but also our house Cake maker for our cake smash cakes. 

When Tiffany told me she was pregnant with her second little miss Phoenix, I lost my mind. I was so excited and started planning her maternity and newborn session straight away. I knew it had to be something EXTRA, something WOW, something that showed how incredible and strong this mumma was.

Every single photo from her maternity session is my favourite. I cant just pick one. There is a sense of power, strength and overwhelming maternal aura in every shot. I have loved working with Tiffany over the years and I hope I can continue to for many many years to come. I seriously don’t know how she puts up with my crazy cake smash cake requests still.

Pregnancy & Birth

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