Caring for the most important person in your family … Mama that’s you!

Being a mother is a magical thing. Oh sure, it has its challenging moments without a doubt, but it really is an experience that brings an immeasurable amount of joy and meaning to your world.

Unfortunately, motherhood can also be the leading cause of neglect. To yourself!

Remember the days? Your 20’s maybe.

When you woke up when your body was ready.

Your cups of tea were warm every time.

Your hair was a consistent colour most of the year round.

Or even better, it was all different colours. Not because it had been 7 months since you last visited a hairdresser – but because your DINK (double income no kids) life meant that you got to go there every 8 weeks and could change the colour just for fun!

Ohhhhh those were the days.

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Are you taking care of yourself?

Self-care in pregnancy and motherhood is another one of those magical unicorns. It pretty much doesn’t exist. It’s so easy to get busy when there is a little one on the way. Taking care of yourself is often the last thing on the list and is easy to neglect when life gets busy. You’re not the first (or won’t be the last!) mum to-to be who hasn’t bought a new pair of pyjamas since 2015.

The thing is, the general rule of a happy family is that when mum isn’t doing great, the whole family isn’t doing great either!

It’s a bit like happy-wife, happy-life but more like “Mum needs at least one warm cup of tea per day or she’s going to lose it”. You get the idea.

But jokes aside, taking care of YOU mama is just as important as your job caring for every other member of your family. And the best time to start some great habits is during pregnancy. For the sake of your mental health and happiness, get into some self-care routines and try and stick to them when baby arrives. It’s the little things that will add up to make your whole motherhood experience a whole lot calmer and enjoyable.

Start with these …

Fresh air and sunshine

So simple. You can definitely do this one! It doesn’t even need to be for long. Walk outside and sit on the patio in the sun. 5 minutes is fine. The vitamin D and fresh air will do you wonders.

Clear your mind

Can you even do it? For 30 seconds? Meditation is amazing but it doesn’t have to be an hour guided session at your local yoga studio. Just literally give your brain a break for a minute. It doesn’t take long to start to help! You’ll be amazed that if you stop thinking and concentrate on your breath for just a moment or two, you can reset your mind and kick off again in a better headspace.

Get moving

Just walk. Around the block. You don’t even have to go very far. A 20 minute stroll or few laps of the pool are all you need during pregnancy to keep your health and fitness in check.

Get enough rest

Don’t over do it mama! Growing a baby takes an enormous amount of energy. Power naps on the couch are amazing if you are that kind of girl. But even eyes closed and feet up for 15 minutes will help, even if you can’t get to sleep.

Reduce your stress

You have enough going on! Now is a great time to setup your boundaries, say no to things that don’t serve you and ease up on the commitments.

Melbourne Newborn Photographer Aurora Joy Photography

Basic Beauty

If you’re not doing the basics when it comes to taking care of your body, it’s a good time to start! It doesn’t have to be a hardcore or expensive routine. Just get into the habit of using a nice moisturiser or treating your hair once in a while.

Nourish your body

You’ll know what to do here and we’re not about to preach about diet to a pregnant mama, but of course, fresh is best and it’s going to help you feel much better if you’re nourishing your body with the right foods whenever you can.

Baby Moon

Take some time out with your partner or loved ones while you can! A baby-moon or weekend away is ALWAYS a great idea.

Go easy on yourself

Just slow it down mama. Rome wasn’t built in a day and even though you have lots to do, if you’re not taking care of yourself, no-one will! Ease up and enjoy the experience. Your baby will be here before you know it and there is a lot to look forward to. But in the haze of nappy changes, breast pumps and loved up cuddles on the couch, don’t forget to love yourself too!

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