Let your baby have their cake and eat it too! Cake smash photography tips

Top tips to prepare your baby for their cake smash

Cake smash sessions really ARE as hilarious as you think they’ll be. There’s no doubt about it, watching your little one destroy an oversized cupcake brings so much joy to everyone involved. Photographer included!

But we’ll be the first to admit that it doesn’t always go the way you might expect.

It’s a pretty big event for your little one! Most likely the first time they’ve had a free shot at all-you-can-eat cake. While dressed up in a fancy new outfit. Delivered to a professional photography studio and cheered at by an adoring audience … all the while with a camera capturing every moment.

It can get a little … let’s call it …. overstimulating (for some).

But fear not! We’ve got a whole list of top tips to help you prepare your little birthday baby for their cake smash that will help it run much smoother. Have a read and make sure you take some notes before the big day! It will help us get those big smiles and gorgeous giggles that we’re all hoping for.

  • It’s a great idea to expose your bub to a bit of sugar in the days prior to the smash. If your baby has been living on organic vegetables and milk for most of their first year, they may be a little shocked by the sugary explosion. A biscuit or two or a slice of cake in the days prior can help them settle their tastebuds in time.
  • Manners. It’s time to throw them out the window. Haha. But seriously, we spend the first year of baby’s life desperately trying to stop them throwing their food off the highchair and then expect them to do the opposite on cake smash day. In the days before your session, encourage them to play with a bowl of whipped cream or something cold and textured like icing.

  • While we’re undoing all of your good parenting, it’s a good idea to splash around in the bath a few times before the session too! I love to finish each cake smash with a dip in the tub which makes for some seriously cute photos. If your little one joins in with some kicking and splashing, even better!
  • Keep it calm when you get here! Everyone gets excited on cake smash day and your baby can feel that energy. Most little ones get a little overwhelmed when all of the adults in the room are hyped and clapping and energetically encouraging baby to get into their cake smash. Sometimes slowly does it is best!

  • Bring some snacks that baby loves … and milk or water. It’s really important for bub to have some drinks breaks during or after all of the cake. The snacks come in handy if your baby doesn’t seem interested in the cake on the day. You wouldn’t believe how many rusks and pieces of fruit we’ve hidden in the back of the cake to tempt little ones to play around. It really does help!
  • Please please please check your baby for allergies before the day. Dairy, nuts, gluten, reactions to sugar etc can be serious so we need to know all is fine before the session.

I hope these little tips will help you in the days leading up to your cake smash session here at Aurora Joy Photography. We can’t wait to spend the day celebrating your little one with you. It’s going to be great! If you’d like to find out more about booking a cake smash session here at our Romsey photographer studio, just pop me an email today.

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