Sarah & Blake

Pregnancy is something that is different for each person. Some experience that beautiful glow, with a perfectly shaped belly and absolutely no morning sickness or anything… Then others cop every symptom under the sun 🙁 When you walk into the studio for your maternity session with Aurora Joy Photography, you are encouraged to sit back and relax when you arrive and be pampered with professional hair and makeup. This in itself can change how you’re feeling in an instant. Mix this with beautiful dresses and outfits (and Emm hyping you up!) creates the most amazing, unique and beautiful photographs.

I was fortunate enough to photograph Blake & Sarah’s wedding recently and was over the moon when Sarah called me to tell me they were expecting!

In every maternity session we encourage partners, older children and even fur babies to join you. This is very much a part of their life journey as it is Mummy’s and we absolutely love capturing these photographs.

Book your maternity session today and receive complimentary hair and makeup as well as an 8×12 wood print with your favourite photograph.

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November 25, 2022

Emma Baker




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