I have known Jackie and Matt since I was in high school. They rocked the Basket Ball court, while I sat on the side because let’s face it contact sports are not my thing but I loved going there to cheer everyone on. When Jackie reached out to book her newborn session for her little one Parker, I was so excited!

During a newborn session, we include set ups of just baby (usually on the beanbag, in a bucket, basket or bowl), sibling and baby shots, individual parent poses and full family set ups both looking at the camera and looking away (You know the ones were everyone is looking at the camera and Nanna will just LOVE IT!!). We also try to achieve some of the more complex set ups like the “Froggy pose” (The one where there hands are holding their cheeks) but sometimes these are not for every baby. This particular pose (Froggy) is a composite image, this means that multiple photographs were taken with out hands supporting baby and then with the magic of photoshop, we erase the hands and make it look like they are doing it all on their own. Baby safety is VERY IMPORTANT to me and I take it very seriously!

We went with an earthy natural tone to the session, creating photographs that will match their beautiful home. Lots of soft creams, browns and muted colours teamed up with a little greenery.

Book your newborn session today and receive complimentary hair and make up for Mum because YOU DESERVE IT!!!

Newborn Photography

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