Newborn session with Engjell – Something very special

newborn photography

With every Newborn session we do, I always ask my beautiful families if they have anything sentimental they want to bring to their session to have photographed. A blanket from their Great Great Grandmother, the parents uniform (Police, Ambo, Army etc), Motorbike gear, Horse related items, things like that. Renee wrote in her questionnaire that she had a cap and a whistle that she wanted incorporated into Engjell’s Newborn session. This beautiful Cap and Whistle were her late fathers and I was absolutely honoured to be able to include this in her beautiful son’s session

You know when you meet someone and there is this connection… like its super easy to talk to them and you feel better just being around them? This is how I felt when Renee walked into my studio. She is such an incredible person and I absolutely adore her and her beautiful family. Every single photograph in Engjell’s gallery blows my mind with amazement. I mean you can totally see why right!!

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November 28, 2022

Emma Baker




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