How to find a photographer you’ll love AND a great pair of jeans.

Finding the perfect photographer is a bit like trying to find the ultimate pair of jeans. You know the ones. Right length, right price, right colour, easy to do up straight out of the dryer (no, sorry, that last bit is a magical unicorn that doesn’t exist).

It takes some work. Research, for sure. At least one whole exhausting day of trying on pair after pair after pair. And it’s definitely not one size fits all!

But when you finally step into that one pair and they fit perfectly, oh boy. What a MOMENT! Lock it in ladies because those jeans are going to bring you months or even years of happiness and you’ll almost definitely be going straight back to that store to buy a second or third pair when the time comes.

Ok, it’s a bit of a bad analogy. But you get my point right?

Melbourne Newborn Photographer Aurora Joy Photography

Finding the right photographer can take a bit of work. And it’s super important to take your time to choose someone that can capture your memories in a way that will meet all of your needs.

But here’s the tricky part.

What exactly SHOULD you look for?

Well, it’s a bit like jeans shopping! Aesthetics, price, quality … the vibe. Yes, that’s a thing. We all feel it. The energy or impression you get when you meet someone or see their work. It’s up to you to figure out your values and decide on what is most important to you.

Melbourne Newborn Photographer Aurora Joy Photography

Here’s some tips that might help!


We’re talking photo style. This is of course right up there. What kind of images do you love? Colours? Poses? Moments? At Aurora Joy Photography, we get to know you and will customise your session to make sure you take home a gallery of images that you love. Every session is different and we love letting you loose in our props and backdrops collection (with some friendly experienced guidance of course).


Sure, there are plenty of photographers out there who can take photos, but if you’re looking to capture an important moment in your life and plan to print wall art, albums and more, you really do need the best quality imagery possible! We have an amazing selection of print products here at the studio you can look at for inspiration during your session. It really does help when you get to touch and feel the products to see just how incredible they are!


This is a hard one, I get it. Every family has different needs when it comes to budget. Thankfully, we can cater for everyone with a number of different packages and payment options. I guess, my best advice here is that when you are looking at photography pricing, too good to be true usually is. It’s just like any other product or service you invest in.

Melbourne Newborn Photographer Aurora Joy Photography


The full client experience is so important to me and I love being able to share the reviews of my past families with you. It really helps doesn’t it! To hear the words of others. So please take the time to read through our reviews. If you’re feeling nervous about booking a session, it will also help you feel at peace knowing that we really do have lots of fun … that your toddler CAN be photographed, your newborn WILL sleep and that all shall be fine.

Experience & Safety.

This really should have been at the top of the list. So please don’t discount it! I take the safety of your family very seriously and have photographed over 200 newborns, mums to be and children during my career. When you are choosing a photographer for your little ones, experience is a must!

Values and Vibe.

So what do you value? What kind of experience are you looking for? Everyone is different, but we work hard at Aurora Joy Photography to create a professional, happy and memorable experience for ALL of our clients. If you have something in mind, just ask! Every session is customised to suit YOU so that your memories are captured in a way that you will love.

So there you have it. I hope that helped!

Melbourne Newborn Photographer Aurora Joy Photography

I’d like to think that choosing to visit us here at Aurora Joy Photography is EASIER than finding the right pair of jeans … and that you’ll have such a great time with us that we’ll get to capture the memories of your family as they grow in the years to come.

If you want to find out more about our sessions, packages and pricing, just click here to visit our website.

And for those of you following along at home, I am most definitely a comfort-stretch, straight leg, mid rise jean kinda girl. Forever.

Aurora Joy Photography – Melbourne Newborn Photographer

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