Hey Mama, where are you?

Oh wow your baby is so cute! Totally adorable.

Here’s baby in their first pair of shoes. Definite photo opportunity. CLICK!

Here’s baby wearing yellow for the first time. Nawwww. Quick grab the camera! CLICK!

Oh how cute is bub asleep on dad. CLICK!

Cuddling big sister. CLICK!

So tiny sitting on Grandpa’s lap. CLICK!


Next minute, you’ve maxed out your smart phone storage with 14,000 photos and that ‘My First Year’ baby book is looking more like a set of Encyclopaedias from the 70’s. You know, bulky!

These memories are so important! Even the ones that do involve 20 outfit changes in a day. It’s what life is all about right. Truly enjoying the little things and the moments that seem to fly by. You won’t regret taking ANY photos – on your phone or here in the studio! I love that the images that I capture for your family just increase in value over time. It’s a pretty special job!

Here’s the thing though mums. There’s a problem … and it’s you!

Melbourne Newborn Photographer Aurora Joy Photography


Take a good look through those 14,000 photos and count just how many times you see your own lovely face in there. I’m guessing you are a lot like the other mothers out there and perhaps the % is low?

It’s a common problem in the land of motherhood. The mum who is constantly behind the lens and not in front of it. The mum who carries the camera, sees the moments, captures them all, but is rarely in them.

There’s a movement in our industry and it’s one we want you to become a part of.


It’s even been hashtagged mums, so now you know it’s legit!


Melbourne Newborn Photographer Aurora Joy Photography

I get quite a few mums come to the studio who aren’t thrilled about jumping in front of the camera just days after their baby has been born. I get it. But I’m here to be that sensible voice on your shoulder that reminds you of a few things …

You are perfect just the way you are

You are loved

Your baby will want to see you in these photos

Not only that, if you book a session here at the studio you won’t even need to worry about doing your own hair and makeup because it’s included as a gift from me for all newborn and maternity clients! So get ready to smile mama … because we want you in those photos!

I can guarantee you this … your child isn’t looking at the photos of you and wondering why your hair is a bit different to how it looked in your 20’s or why you aren’t wearing your best pre-baby jeans. They’ll just see the smile on your face. The way you held them tight. The laughter. The love. Their memories of you are just as important as your memories of them.

So don’t be absent in photographs.

Be in them.

So that all of the moments of your little one’s life are remembered.

Aurora Joy Photography – Melbourne Newborn Photographer

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August 24, 2020




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