Why am I a Maternity & Newborn Photographer?

I am often asked why I became a photographer and more so why Maternity and Newborn photography?
So I thought I would sit down and share my WHY with you.

If I think back to my earliest memory where photographs became a big part of my life, I am taken back to a photograph I have of my older brother. This photo isn’t technically “perfect”. The lighting wasn’t great, its not really in focus and the paper it is printed on had seen better days. BUT this photo means so much to me and my family, more than anything else. You see, this photo is of my brother, but what you may not know is, he was born sleeping at 42 weeks. It is the only photo my parents had of their Son. It’s the reason I chose to follow my photography journey and give the families I photograph beautiful memories of their pregnancy and their babies. 

At the start,  I photographed EVERYTHING. Weddings, newborns, maternity, events, cake smash, pets you name it I photographed it. But I quickly realised that I just didn’t love the other stuff as much as I loved maternity and newborn photography. Being able to freeze time with a beautiful pregnancy photograph, that my families can  look back and see how amazing their body was in creating a beautiful little life is something I feel everyone should have as it is such an incredible thing our bodies do. 

As a mummy of two beautiful crazy children earth side and 4 precious babes that were taken too soon I can not stress the importance and value in photographing newborn babies when they are ever so tiny and new. They come into our lives and although time seems to stand still for a moment it goes way too fast. We blink and those little newborns we cradled in our arms are now running around the house. Don’t get me wrong I love photographing older babies and first birthday cake smashes but those tiny details and the squishiness of a 12 day old newborn just cant be beaten. 

They say a picture can tell a thousand words well I think it can tell way more than that. A photo can show where you are, where you’ve been and the future that is ahead of you. Photo’s can put all the pieces of an amazing life together.  

So, there it is I became a maternity and newborn photographer because I know first hand just how important it is to document moments, freeze time and be able to look back on the journey of life. I became a maternity and newborn photographer to tell stories, YOUR STORY!

Emm xx 

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Emma Baker

Hi there! I'm Emma, a Romsey-based photographer capturing smiles and creating cherished memories. As a mum to Aurora and Kody and partner to Josh, I love adventure—riding bikes, savoring coffee, and embracing life's joys. With a background in teaching, I found my true passion in photography over a decade ago. I founded Aurora Joy Photography to celebrate every client's unique journey with warmth and enthusiasm.

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July 25, 2020




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