Deanna – A little more edgy

Not into the whole maternity gown vibe? Want something with a little more edge? Something different?
Don’t worry! I’ve got you!!!

Deanna came to me with an idea. She said she wanted to do an edgy maternity session with her partners jacket, heals and a hat! YESSSS! I was all over that like tomato sauce to a hot chip!

We went with mainly Black and White photographs to really make that edginess pop and to create this cool, trendy Mumma look! It has to be one of my favourite sessions to date. I love being able to step away from the “normal” style and explore creatively with my beautiful clients.

Is this something you would do?

Book your maternity session today and receive complimentary hair and makeup as well as an 8×12 wood print with your favourite photograph.

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November 25, 2022

Emma Baker




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