A look into our studio

I am always asked where a session will take place, do my clients have to bring anything or do I have a range of props my clients can use.

Well, today I am going to share with you our studio!!

Now, while we cant have beautiful babies in the studio at the moment, I thought I would share our studio with you using our very photogenic posing doll hahaha.

When you arrive at our studio you will be welcomed into a warm and calming space where you can relax and enjoy some down time.

I will take the time to photograph your sweet newborn in the most beautiful poses and props.

I use a studio light as well as natural light when photographing maternity, newborn, cake smash and family sessions in the studio all depends how I am feeling on the day and what the weather is doing.

By doing this, I am able to create consistent amazing photographs, without having to worry about the crazy Melbourne weather.

Everything you will ever need for your newborn session is right here in the studio!

Yep that’s right! Buckets, bowls, baskets, wraps, outfits, blankets, tiebacks (headbands)  EVERYTHING!

I even have newborn nappies and wipes just in case you forgot to put them in the nappy bag!

I customise your session to you!

This means your styled session will compliment your home décor and colour scheme.

The only thing I encourage our families to bring, is something special they would like their baby photographed with.

A heirloom blanket, necklace or photograph, just like miss Enid here wearing her “grumps” necklace.

Every year, I go through her studio props and “destash” (get rid of) things that I’ve had for a long time, except those really fav pieces.

This means that chances are the props that she used for your first baby, I may not have for your second or third.

I do this to make sure every session has its own style and that my clients photographs don’t all look the same.

Although in saying this, its mainly really old pieces I will get rid of because deep down I hate to destash.

Plus, I love nothing more than to prop shop! Just ask my husband Josh.

Every trip to an antique store or florist I will bring props home!

Those of you who have been to the studio, will recognise my headband shelf.

This shelf of headbands would probably pay for both of my kids schooling for the rest of their life…

okay maybe not that much but seriously.

I only sources the best headbands for my tiny clients.

They are each hand made from the highest quality materials right here in Australia.

These headbands are used not only for newborn sessions, but, maternity, cake smash’s and family sessions too because they are adjustable! My OCD kicks in with these bad boys too!

I have to have them as colour coded as possible!

Not just so they look pretty (which they totally do!) but so it is easier for my clients to pick their favs for their session!

We can’t forget our amazing Hair and Makeup studio!

Yep you read that right! We have a specific room for our mumma’s to be pampered and glammed before their session with one of our amazing artists.

Now, let’s talk outfits!

Yep those cute, dainty, frilly (for our girls) and handsome outfits that I have hanging in the studio!

Although, I don’t do a lot of outfit shots when I do they are AMAZING!

The studio may be small, I create magic in here!

I use a super easy backdrop system from Easiframe to quickly swap and change backdrops over to create versatility in a gallery, all while not having big bulky backdrops all over the studio.

The best part, I just pull them out of the frame and throw them in the wash.

Ooooo I almost forgot, if I don’t have exactly what you are wanting we can always look at using a digital background like in the above photo (yep, that’s right, this is a digital background!!!).

Thee are always great for babies who are a little on the fussy side.

I can take one or two photos and then pop them into a digital background.

I can’t wait to show you the studio in person and would love to photograph your maternity, newborn, cake smash or family photographs.

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September 15, 2020

Emma Baker




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