The Beauty of rainbows

Around 13 years ago, a chance encounter brought two souls together. Gavin and Ney met during a 12-week challenge at their local gym. Although Gav reckons, he first loved her when he saw her get off her motorbike, take her helmet off and swish her hair around like in the movies. Little did they know that this connection would later become a source of strength, hope, and unwavering love in the face of heart-wrenching loss. Today, we share the remarkable journey of Harlow Wren, a shining symbol of resilience and the epitome of a rainbow baby—a beacon of hope after numerous miscarriages. Come with me as I share The Beauty of rainbows with you.

The pain of Loss

The Beauty of rainbows

In Australia, statistics reveal that 1 in 4 pregnancies ends in miscarriage. The grief and sorrow that follow such an experience are immeasurable. Yet, amidst the pain, there are stories of courage and determination that shine brighter than the darkest of clouds.

Harlow’s parents, embarked on a journey filled with hope and heartache. After experiencing multiple miscarriages, they carried an unimaginable weight, one that no parent should ever have to bear. Yet, their strength and love for each other remained unwavering.

Nearly a decade ago at a photography event where fate had a plan, I met Ney and Gavin. Ney and I instantly connected, as some people do, forging a bond that would grow stronger with time. Little did we know then that our paths would cross again in the most meaningful way.

Harlow Wren’s Arrival

After years of heartache, Harlow Wren arrived, like a radiant beam of light breaking through a stormy sky. After a scary few hours in the NICU, she was placed in her parents’ arms and was allowed home. She is a testament to the resilience of her parents, who, despite the odds, never gave up on their dream of becoming parents. Harlow’s name itself embodies the spirit of hope and beauty, much like the wren, a bird known for its melodious song and vibrant presence.

The Bittersweet Joy in the beauty of rainbows

Welcoming Harlow into their lives was an experience filled with bittersweet emotions. The joy was immeasurable, but it was tinged with the memory of the children who couldn’t stay. It’s a unique journey that only those who have walked a similar path can truly understand.

Photographs have always played a significant role in their lives. In a world that moves so quickly, pictures have the power to freeze time and capture emotions in a way that words often cannot. Every photograph they take now is not just a snapshot but a piece of their incredible journey.

These images serve as a tribute to the strength of parents who faced unimaginable loss and emerged as beacons of hope. They reflect the triumph of love over adversity and the enduring power of the human spirit.

I see you.

To all the parents who have experienced the heartache of miscarriage and infant loss, remember that you are not alone. Your pain is felt by many, even if it often goes unspoken. We share Harlow’s story to offer you trust, care, and a connection that spans the depths of your emotions.

I am 1 in 4, I have lost 5 babies and have 2 beautiful rainbows earthside. Every session I do with a rainbow baby means so much to me. I want to share their stories with the world so that others know they are seen, they are loved.

Through their journey, even in the face of life’s cruelest challenges, love, hope, and resilience can prevail. They remind us that there is always a rainbow after the storm, an awe-inspiring moment that makes the journey worthwhile.

Harlow Wren’s story is a beacon of hope, and a testament to the strength of parents who never gave up on their dreams. It’s a story of love, loss, and the enduring power of hope. It reminds us all to cherish every moment and to hold onto hope, even when the storm clouds gather. It shows us that love conquers all, and that the beauty of rainbows shine brighter than ever imagined.

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