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I have been lucky enough to photograph this beautiful family since their first son was born about 6 years ago. Have documented the seasons of their life ever since, pregnancy, newborn, cake smash and family sessions. They are just sweet perfection in front of my camera.

family pose. husband leaning in on wife's head in a beautiful embrace while each holding a child.

Sometimes you meet clients and have this instant connection, you get each other. You can be yourselves. There is no pressure or judgement. Janelle and Nathan are these clients! They are so down to earth and real! The love they have not only for their beautiful boys Myles and Theo, but for each other is something out of a fairy tale.

We headed out to one of our favourite locations in Riddles Creek. This particular spot we used for their maternity photos when Janelle was pregnant with Theo.

What I love about this location, is that there are so many places to photograph. You have the glorious long “dead “grass, that brings this creamy vibe to the party. Then you have the little stream off to the side. A HUGE oak tree with a perfectly placed bench underneath it and finally the fence spot! You will see this fence used in a lot of my photos as well as other local photographers’ photos. Its the best fence!

Something you NEED to know about Janelle and Nathan…

There is something you may not know about this beautiful family. They are the founders of Myles Gray. A crystal infused candle company whose products are hand made in Australia (Just down the road actually). They are designed to help you through some of the hardest days of your life. The crystals are cleansed before they are hand placed in each candle, room spray or diffuser and are paired with affirmations that enhance their healing properties.

When you walk into any room at the studio, you will be greeted by the incredible smell of one of their candles or room sprays. I adore every single scent and meaning behind each product. I have a major addiction their ability to shift the energy in a room in a matter of moments. They are just sweet perfection in a candle!

To learn more about our family session experience check out this link.

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January 26, 2023




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