Photographing my best friend…

Photographing my best friend Sammy and her beautiful family was the most exciting and nerve-wracking thing I thing I have ever done in my business. This includes that brief movement I took on births and large weddings. It wasn’t because I wasn’t confidant in my ability, but because I wanted her to have the most amazingly, perfect photos ever. I put no pressure at all on myself right.

We headed out to the paddock behind the studio (yep, the same paddock we use as a dirt bike track), to a small group of trees that gets the most glorious golden sun light at sunset. Started our session with the family poses. You know the ones I like to call the Nanna shots – everyone looking and smiling at the camera. The ones that make the grandparents squeal with joy when they see them. Once they were out of the way we moved on to the fun ones. The playful ones, the tickle fight, the mug shots, the ones where the kids come to life, and you see their personalities shine!

The most perfect mug shots!

When it comes to mug shots, miss Zoe (my soul child!) does not disappoint! She started with the sweet innocent gentle smile, and then it started to build. We got that cheeky one where she looks like she is going to do something crazy and then…. RRAAAAAAAAAA, she roared so loud, and I snapped that last one. I love all 3 of them! Because it shows her! Sweet and innocent and then BAND CRAZY AF. My perfect little Niece.

There was a little hidden agenda to the mug shots of Sammy (AKA BFF). Sammy is an incredible hairdresser and needed some headshots (she didn’t know she needed them). So, I made sure to capture a couple of just her so that she could use them for work. I’m so glad I did because look at how bloody gorgeous she is!

If you want to check out her work have a look here.

When Sammy looked at her photographs, I knew I had achieved my goal of creating the most amazing, perfect photos ever. We created the beautiful collage framed print for her home. I don’t know what I was ever worried about… Photographing my best friend was the most rewarding and beautiful thing I have done.

If you want to learn more about our family session experience, have a look here.

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