Family photography session Fun with Zoe, Dwayne & the kids

We don’t just take a photo… We tell your story through photos. Every family we have the privilege of working with has their own story to tell, their own love and laughter to share. A family photography session, doesn’t have to be boring… they are fun and exciting. Even Dad will be impressed.

We want your experience to be wonderful and will go above and beyond to make sure everything is amazing even if that means shopping for your outfits for you! Which is what we did for Dwayne and the Kids. We coordinated their outfits to suit Zoe’s overalls (Which I absolutely LOVE BTW).

It’s not just about looking and smiling at the camera. The best photos are the ones where everyone is laughing and smiling at each other! Of course, we still capture the Nanna shots of everyone looking and smiling.

What to expect…

In every family session, I always do a “mug shot” of each family member. These are great to send the grandparents or to update the photo in the hallway of each kiddlet and why not snap mum and dad too! Makes a great fb profile picture.

During your 1-1.5hour Family photography session we will laugh, and joke and the kids will tickle fight you. They will run around you while you embrace your partner, those little moments between you and your children…. I will capture it all. I promise I’ll only say “say cheese” a couple of times.

If your munchkin’s fall over but aren’t crying don’t stress! These shots are the best ones as you can see form the running around photo below (their youngest stacked as they were funning but it’s such a beautiful capture).

At the end of the day, I encourage my beautiful family clients to let the kids be kids. let them run, explore, laugh. I have ways of getting them to do exactly what I envision, without them knowing they are doing the right thing. It’s a gift I have with everyone else’s children but not my own Haha.

Have a look at our family experience page for more insight into family photography sessions.

Hair and make up by the beautiful Mekayla Corner, check out her work here.

Have a look at our BTS of this beautiful family session

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January 26, 2023




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