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Let me walk you through the difference a simple outfit change can make to your photographs. Family photos – client Vs Emma Styled.

I’m often asked by clients what they should wear to their sessions. This is something that changes from client to client as not everyone has the same taste, style or colour pallet in their home.

We work with each one to select the perfect outfits for the whole family.

Family photos - client styled Vs Emma Styled

I had asked Skye to and her beautiful family to come dressed in something they felt comfortable in, I didn’t give them a colour scheme or any ideas. Pretty much said “just rock up”. This is something I wanted to create, to explore the difference your outfit choices make on you family photos.
Don’t get me wrong, the family photos we captured in their everyday outfits were cute as, but they could be better…

Family photos - client styled Vs Emma Styled

Once we had captured a few shots in these outfits, I whipped out my client wardrobe pieces. Skye, Mitch and Frankie then changed into something I would generally suggest to my clients to wear for their session. Below are a few handy tips when planning your own outfits for your family photographs.

mum, dad and baby girl. standing on a mountain ridge, in a grassy field. mum wearing white dress and dad in a dark coloured shirt.  photographer selected.

Helpful tips to selecting the perfect outfits.

🌻 You want to start with a couple of base colours from the colour palette, then add an accent colour. The base colours will be the basics that will make up the core pieces of your wardrobe. The accent colours will be for adding pops of color & interest through different textures & accessories such as jewelry, jackets, scarves etc.

🌻 When coordinating your family’s outfits, it is best to pick a colour palette & then use those colours to complement each other. Rather than having everyone in the same colour. You can enhance the colour palette with different textures, accessories, and layers.

🌻 Colour can bring your photographs to life or bring them down & leave you with dated photos. When selecting your families’ outfits, it’s important to know which colors go well together & how to style them with accessories, textures & layers.

🌻 Think about these colour palettes when selecting your outfits. Earthy tones, neutral tones, pastel tones, jewel tones, woodland tones, cherry wood tones, warmer tones, cooler tones, forest tones, and shadow tones.

🌻 We have a pretty extensive client wardrobe with plenty of dresses for mum as well as some children’s clothing. But Emm is always up for going shopping to find the perfect outfits!

Have a look at some of our client wardrobe pieces!

Which do you prefer out of the above Family photos – client styled Vs Emma Styled?

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Hair and makeup by the beautiful Skye check out her page here!

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