7 back to school tips to help you get back into the swing of it

Mum’s Ultimate Guide to a Happy Back-to-School Transition! Can you believe the holidays are almost over? (YAYYY a little) It’s time to get back into the school swing, and I’ve got some super-friendly tips to make the whole process a walk in the park for you and your little ones. So lets check out our 7 back to school tips!

Let’s Nail those Bedtime and School Day Routines:

As the holidays wind down, gently ease your kiddos back into the school routine. Set a bedtime and wake-up time that’s consistent, so the first school morning isn’t a shock to the system. Think of it as a sneak peek into the school day rhythm!

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No More Surprise Growth Spurts – Check Those Uniforms:

I’ve learned the hard way – kiddos love growth spurts during holidays! Check their uniforms, shoes, hats, and don’t forget the swimwear for the carnival. A heads-up: double-check the sports house team colours too. I’ve been caught out with the wrong top more times than I’d like to admit!

Say Goodbye to Last-Minute Lunchbox Panic:

Let’s avoid the lunchbox chaos, shall we? Prepare a couple of lunchboxes during the holidays for your little ones to practice with if they are going to Prep. Not only does this get them use to the whole Lunch box thing, but you can also suss out what they will and WON’T eat. Making school snacks like granola bars, muffins etc and popping them in the freezer is a GODSEND. Especially on those Sunday nights when you’re exhausted and are making lunches and realize you have NOTHING. Plus the kids will love helping you make them. Just remember MESS is fine haha. Trust me, you’ll thank yourself later. Heaps of great snack recipies here!

When it comes to their actual lunch box… Two is the magic number – at least for the first term) it gives you the flexibility to swap them out during the week. My Kids go through around 2 to 4 lunch boxes each, per year. One gets broken, one gets lost, one is hidden for a month and you only find it because it grew legs and walked out to the kitchen begging to be washed.

Let’s Talk Positive Vibes about School:

Ward off any pre-school jitters by having a heart-to-heart about it with your kiddos. Share the excitement about all the fun stuff – special lunch orders, awesome activities, and the amazing friendships they’re going to make. If possible, take a few strolls around the school grounds to get them familiar with the place.

Practice Routines at Home:

Create a mini-school atmosphere at home. Encourage your munchkins to use their school lunchboxes and practice opening and closing them. It’s like a sneak preview that makes the first day back less daunting. For the little ones, a visual schedule can be a game-changer. Stick up some pictures or symbols to represent different parts of the school day. It’s like a fun roadmap to guide them through the day.

Revive Those School Friendships:

Before the term kicks off, why not set up some playdates or catch-ups with buddies? It’s like a pre-school reunion! Reconnecting with friends will make the return way more exciting.

Label Everything – Seriously, Everything:

Kids are like little magicians when it comes to making things disappear. Label all their gear – uniforms, hats, shoes, and especially their lunchboxes. It’s like a secret spell to save you from hunting down lost items. I once came home from primary school not wearing my shorts, I had some kid named John M’s on. Still to this day I have no idea where they went. Grab one of these name label stamps for their clothes and other things. Teachit co or Tinyme

Let’s make the start of the school year a celebration! How about a special family dinner or a fun outing to mark the occasion? Positive vibes all the way, mama! I hope that our 7 back to school tips have been helpful and give you and your littles a great 2024 year!

You’ve totally got this, amazing mums! With these friendly tips, you’ll breeze through the back-to-school hustle with smiles and laughter. Here’s to a fantastic year full of adventures and growth for your little ones! 🌟

Emm xx



IF you get those school photos back and think to your self WHYYYYYY, shoot me a message. We make them look good!!

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